• Make sure to read and fully understand Sheer Terms If anything is unclear you can always connect with our support team for clarification.
  • Hints and Tips in the Sheer admin – Be sure to take the time and click the “?” symbols wherever you see them. These are loaded with information that will help you better understand the platform and how to make the most of the options you choose.
  • Guide your Fans to discover your Profile by sharing your link on Social Media, Link Trees and anywhere else your fans engage with you. When fans buy directly from your Sheer Profile you get the maximum revenue percentage.
  • Invest time on your Profile An attractive banner and headshot can go a long way in catching the attention of new fans and the Welcome text should be enticing and give a good idea of what you have to offer. For example, what do you specialize in, update frequency of membership content, do you offer customs or chat, what makes your content unique.
  • Create a Membership offer that is competitive with other memberships you may have on the internet. Make it affordable, with a decent amount of content to tempt customers. Even if you prefer to sell your content via PPC it is always a good idea to have a cheap membership that provides shorter versions, BTS, or other unique content which can help build interest in your PPC
  • Consistency is important Be sure to stay in the radar of your fans with regular updates rather than uploading in batches and then not updating again for weeks or months.
  • Use and advertise the paid chat, tips and custom orders feature. You get 90% revenue return on these features.
  • Refer other content creators using your referral link and get paid an additional percentage on the revenue they bring to Sheer. You can find the referral information and percentages in the Sheer Terms

Our Team will work to promote you while your audience grows, helping you make money from day 1!

With memberships, ppv, premium video, adshare and custom content options, you can choose how you want to sell your brand with the confidence that it won’t be taken down for being too sexy!

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