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General Information

Why Sheer?

Sheer enables its creators to be active on a multitude of network sites all from one platform. It has all the classic ways to make money with your content such as subscriptions, pay per content, tips, customs, paid chat, PLUS additional monetization methods on various network sites like streaming, premium, and adshare.

We also have the highest payouts, massive visibility, and enable you to make more money with less work.

Where can I sign up?
What kind of account should I Create?

Register as a Creator if you would like to engage with fans and sell your content/services.

Register as a Fan to engage with Sheer Creators and purchase content.

A friend referred me. How can I make sure my referral is registered?

Make sure to use the referral link your Creator friend gave you when registering. If you registered properly, they will see you in their referral list. If they do not find you there, they can contact support for further assistance.

How can I connect with Sheer Support?

Once logged into your Sheer account, you’ll want to click the chat bubble at the top right of your dashboard to the left of your username.

Once inside the chat system, you’ll have 3 options for Support.


  • Sheer Creator Support – General information about your account, issues, and insight.
  • Sheer Payment Support – Payout specific information or inquiries.
  • Sheer Content Production Support – Legal inquiries related to Content Production. 
What are the content and upload rules of the Sheer Network?

What are the content and upload rules of the Sheer Network?

To avoid having issues with your account which may include but is not limited to blocked content, deleted content, penalties, infractions, negative revenue balance, suspended accounts, or being banned and blacklisted from the Sheer Network, please read and understand the following. Keep aligned with the rules to maximize your benefits and positive experience on Sheer.

If anything is not clear, contact Support for further information.

Content Rules

Do not upload any content depicting, simulating, or preluding to the intention of the following : Rape/Brutality, Incest, non-consensual or forced sex, Pedophilia, Bestiality or Aliens content ( Meaning non-human face and/or genitilia ), Necrophilia, ​Alcohol,​ Drunken Sex, Guns, Knives or other lethal weapons, Drugged/Incapacitated/Sleeping sex or molestation, Blood/Mutilation.

This is not an exhaustive list. If your content is depicting an act that is considered to be too atrocious or shocking, we reserve the right to have the content removed immediately and apply penalties.

We also report all suspicious underage activities to the relevant authorities. There is no place for any of that here.

Promos within your Content

On the Sheer Network it is simply not allowed. This means any kind of social indicators, website urls or other advertisements that would send our members outbound is not permitted. The Sheer Network is not a Free Tube site. It is connected to paysites and clipstores with a long established member base and the intention of connecting your studio to these sites is specifically to sell your content and build a fan base within the Network.

If you don’t care about this huge benefit of the Sheer Network, and only plan to send your own Traffic to your Profile, then you can disable Allow selling your content on third party websites in your settings, and in this way you can promote outbound products. It’s important to note that you will be missing out on the most powerful features of the platform with this option.

Exclusive and Non Exclusive License

Please read about this in depth at this link : Benefits of Exclusive vs Non-Exclusive Content

You should also fully read the terms here : Terms and Conditions

If you upload content using the Exclusive license that is not Exclusive, your account may be impacted negatively. We have tools in place for identifying this.

Licensed Content

If you have content that you have licensed from a studio or producer, you cannot monetize it via PPC or Direct Purchase. It is only allowed as Membership content, Premium or Free promotional content.

Keep in mind, you need to have all documentation for every piece of content you upload to Sheer showing your rights of lifetime ownership + Models consent to appear in relevant content + Model IDs. If you cannot provide this your content will be rejected.

Uploading illegal content and content that doesn’t belong to you

Both of these cases will lead to immediate suspension and banning of your account/s throughout the Sheer Network.