When should I create additional Brands?

  • If you are a Company or Brand with multiple websites you want to setup on our Network.
  • You have extremely varied niche content you want to promote and sell.
  • You have an account with multiple channels/studios on one of the connected Network sites.

VERY IMPORTANT – If you have an account on another site where you sell or promote content, you should connect with Sheer support to learn how to proceed before setting up any Brands. You may also be eligible for content migration.


  • You have the capability to manage additional associated Brands under one main account. This option is unlocked in your settings once you have published at least 5 videos on your main account.
  • Once you have fulfilled the above requirement, go to your account settings and you will see a new section towards the top – Add new brand. You can now rename, delete or switch to a brand by clicking the drop down arrow in the brand tag.
  • Make sure to maintain your brands with regular updates. It is essentially another studio, setup for your convenience under your main account.

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