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  • Now that you’re an Official Sheer Creator, it’s time to customize your settings and profile so that you’re ready to go once you start uploading content.
  • Before proceeding we do advise you to read and understand the site Terms, if you haven’t already.
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Once you have reviewed and understood the Terms, to access settings click the “Settings” tab in your top menu.

Account Settings

Profile Name

This name is used for your profile url and also to mark your content so that fans can find you on Sheer.

Studio/ Store/ Brand name

This is your official Brand name and is also used to sell your content and promote you within the various network sites.

Allow Selling Your Content On Third-Party Websites

Enabling this option is highly recommended. It allows your content to be sold on other sites connected to the Sheer Network. Without this option enabled, you will not have access to the thousands of members of the Network sites and rely solely on your own promotion of your Sheer profile.

It is also recommended to promote your Sheer profile to gain a higher revenue share from fans and customers who purchase from you directly.

Do you sell your content on other fan sites?

If yes, you’ll want to make sure you let support know about this as you may qualify to have some or all of your content imported to Sheer, saving you time and helping you get your offer ready for selling much faster.

Auto Tag Models

If you have content that always features the same models, you can have those models auto-tagged by adding them here.

Models not already in the network need to be added on the content upload form by clicking – Suggest new model.


With this enabled Not Safe for Work tags will appear for you in the Tags editor. If it is disabled you will only have the option for Safe for Work tags.

Monthly Membership Price

Here you should enter the price that regular users have to pay to access the content included in your membership offer.

Allow Downloads

Allow members to download your videos. For direct purchases (pay-per-content), download is always available. You can add the number of downloads available to members per month (blank means no limits) in the space provided here.

Accept Content Requests

Indicates you may accept to produce custom content for a fee. You can always reject any offer.
Show Content Previews
Not allowing previews will prevent the content from having thumbnail and video previews for non-members/buyers. It is essentially used to not show what the content is before it is purchased.

This is the default setting for new content. It can also be set for each content independently, in the extra options section on the content upload form.

Automatically add all new scenes/videos to Pay-per-content (PPC)
If enabled, each content you upload will also by default be available to purchase individually.
Default PPC Price
This is the default price paid by regular users to buy 1 scene/video from you. Whatever you choose here can be changed per content on the upload form in case you want to have a different price for specific content.
Automatically add all new uploads to Membership
With this enabled all content uploaded will be included in your Membership offer. Keep it disabled if this is not in your marketing strategy.
Delay days after PPC release
Scenes with only Membership access will be marked as Sell via: PPC after the number of days you’ve chosen here. This can be used to entice fans to become a member of your membership offer so that they get early access to content.
Snapshot of Account Settings

Allow Affiliation

Enabling this setting allows affiliates to use your studio brand name to promote the network, which can lead to users finding you faster on the Network sites and purchasing content from you once they have become a member.

Default License

Please make sure you have read the Terms where these license types are explained so that you can choose the correct default license. This can also be adjusted upon each upload on the content upload form.

Collab auto confirmation
On Sheer you can split the revenue of a scene with another co-collaborator that also has an account on Sheer. If you enable this, anytime a creator adds you as a co-collaborator it will auto confirm for you.

If this is not enabled, the system will ask you each time enabling you to accept or decline.

Make sure to click – SAVE SETTINGS to Complete this sector.

Private Info
Private information must be completed for payment processing.

Your own name

Required for billing and invoicing. Your full legal name should be entered here.

Your own address

Official address required for billing and invoicing.

Company name

If you are an official registered company the name should be entered here.

Company Address
If you are a company, please add the company address here.


Your preferred site language.

You can update your email address here


In case you need to update your password.

Make sure to click – SAVE SETTINGS to Complete this sector.

Profile Settings

Customize your Profile and Welcome text. Make it Exciting.

Outbound Promotions of any kind are not allowed on your Poster, Headshot or Welcome text.
Disregarding this could result in account suspension.


Add an attractive image or your brand logo here. You will be able to crop during upload. A high-quality image will yield the best results.


A creative banner representing you and your brand. There are no outbound promotions allowed here. Sheer is designed to sell your content directly on the platform. It defeats the purpose when you send your fans away.

Banner Dimensions : 2000px x 400px for Highest quality. However you will be able to crop any size image during the upload process.

Non-Nude Poster (SFW) : Displayed for non-registered users on the free tour. It should be safe for work. Can be sexy but absolutely no nudity. Important for attracting new fans and customers that are not yet registered to your offers.

Nude Poster (NSFW) : Displayed for registered members logged in and verified over 18.

Welcome text

It’s a good practice to educate your fans and customers about what you are offering on Sheer. Your membership, videos, photos, customs, chat, etc. Let them know what you’re about and why they should subscribe with you. Be creative, make it irresistible.

Show Age
This will enable your age to appear on Sheer and all connected Network sites.
Show Location
If you choose not to show your Country location, you will be excluded from Country and Global ranking on some of the connected Network sites. This will result in less exposure for your brand.
Geo restrictions
Here you can restrict countries that you do not want your Profile or content to appear in. It applies to Sheer and all connected Network sites.
Sample of profile settings page

SAVE SETTINGS and this sector is Complete

Payment Settings

It’s VERY important to provide accurate information here if you want to get paid on time.

  • Choose your minimum Payout.
  • Choose an Automatic payment date. Without this you will not be paid.
  • Choose your Country.
  • Select a Payment Method . We currently offer Bank wire, Paxum, Cosmo, Crypto.
  • Make sure you select the correct currency to be paid in. The options are USD, EURO, CZK

SAVE SETTINGS and this sector is Complete

Payments on Sheer are done once a month at no cost to you. If you have reached your minimum payout your invoice will be issued on your auto-payout date and payment sent soon after.

In the Payments tab you will also find your invoices when it’s time to get paid, and you can download them by clicking the 3 dot menu on the far right of the invoice line.

For more detailed information regarding payouts visit the Payouts Information sector


Prefer to bulk upload? FTP uploads may be the solution for you.

Use an FTP-client (like FileZilla) with the server configuration personalized to your account found in this tab.

How does it Work?

It’s Important to label your files so that you can easily locate them in the FTP zone when creating the metadata on the New Content form. You still need to create your content there, but your videos/photos will already be in our system and selectable on the form.

After your content is fully uploaded in the FTP it still needs to be encoded so there may be a delay before the content appears in the FTP zone on the New Content form.

In the New Content form, just click FTP Zone, and select all the content you’ve uploaded for your specific scene. For example you might have full video + photos, or a full video + trailer, only photo, behind the scenes, etc.

API Access

This capability is for those who are tech savvy or have a developer available to them, and is for sending content and metadata via code. You must qualify for this option which is typically reserved for studios or models looking to upload hundreds or thousands of videos, and have the technical resources to do so.

If you believe you qualify, contact Sheer Support with your request.


In this tab you can setup multiple membership offers.
You have the following options to choose from.

30 Day Membership – $$$
60 Day Membership – $$$
90 Day membership – $$$
365 Day membership – $$$

You can also choose to limit downloads for your membership offers by adding a monthly download limit.

If you require assistance at any point during your setup, utilize the Chat function on the top right of your screen to connect with Sheer Support

Our Team will work to promote you while your audience grows, helping you make money from day 1!

With memberships, ppv, premium video, adshare and custom content options, you can choose how you want to sell your brand with the confidence that it won’t be taken down for being too sexy!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact Support