How to Upload Content


Once again we want to express the importance of the content upload rules. Make yourself familiar with the Terms and conditions to avoid unnecessary issues.

Age and consent

  • You are over the age of 18.
  • All the persons appearing in your content are over the age of 18 and consented to appear on Sheer and related websites, and you are expected to provide documentation proving this, in a timely manner, when requested.
  • You must own the exclusive rights, or a license for all the content you upload.
  • All your content is considered legal in your country and respects the laws of the European Union.
  • If you upload illegal content, your account will be disabled and possibly deleted completely
  • Pedophiles are reported to the competent authorities.


  • IMPORTANT – You must familiarize yourself with the license types below before proceeding. Once you understand them and which one you should choose, you can also set a default license type in your account settings. The default can be changed during the new content upload process.
  • VERY IMPORTANT – There is no outbound promotion allowed in your videos or on your profile. Your brand watermark is ok, but just the name. No urls please, and no intros, outros, social media or other services.
  • Sheer is designed to sell your content directly on the platform. It defeats the purpose when you send your fans away. You will only be wasting your time if you break these rules as the content will eventually be removed. Thank you for understanding.
  • Your videos should be in 720P, 1080P or 4k Quality and photos in high resolution.
  • The content does not have to be exclusive.
  • No watermarks or ads allowed except for your main brand name. No domain name allowed.
  • Your Sheer URL is watermarked automatically on the content.
  • The following rules are required to ensure that our users can spend on Sheer knowing that they are not paying more than they would elsewhere and ensure a fair environment for everyone:
  • The prices you set for PPV may not be higher than on other platforms for the same content.
  • Scenes you sold through PPV will remain available privately to the people who bought them, even if you want to stop selling that content or want it removed from the platform.
  • If you sell non-exclusive content through memberships, the price of the membership must not be higher than the same or similar content of yours on other platforms.
  • You may not set up a membership offer that has less content than you currently have on other platforms, nor may it be missing important updates that are present elsewhere.
  • Your membership video content must be uploaded with the highest bitrate, image per second, and resolution possible. Your photos must be uploaded in the highest resolution possible.
  • If you sell content through memberships on other platforms, you may not sell it on Sheer exclusively through pay-per-video. However you may sell it through PPV and memberships at the same time.


EXCLUSIVE means content that has never been released anywhere. It does not mean that the content is being provided Exclusively to Sheer, but was previously on other sites, or exists currently on a paysite. That is something entirely different. Giving “Exclusivity” to a site is not the same as purchasing Exclusive rights to content that has never been released, which is the primary reason to use this license type.

  • You must be the original and exclusive owner of the content.
  • The content must not have been released anywhere else previously.
  • Your videos should be in 1080P or 4k Quality (Recommended), and photos in high resolution.
  • No watermarks or ads allowed except for your main brand name. No domain name allowed.
    Your Sheer URL is watermarked automatically on the content.
  • Exclusive content may not be sold through memberships.
  • You must provide the original files.
  • Our system will calculate a long term, projected 3-year monetary value. This is completed within 15 days of the video being live on our Network.
  • You agree to transfer full and exclusive ownership of the content to us (meaning you will not be allowed to use it with any other website or service, except authorized partner sites), at the moment of release.
  • The money earned from an exclusive video sale is credited to your account 15 days after the release date of the video.


To upload new content click the New Content button on your dashboard, or within the content tab. You will get a drop down menu where you can choose quick & easy mode or pro mode.


  • Here you can choose a file quickly from your device for upload. You will be presented with a form for entering basic details such as title, description, tags, models and release date.
  • It’s important to note that if you need to use advanced options like changing your default license type, pricing, geo restrictions or using ftp you’ll want to go with pro mode.
  • You can edit your content at any time as well to add features not included in the quick & easy mode.


This mode enables you to use more advanced options and is recommended for those who need more control on the upload and selling details of their content.


Creating new content in Pro mode


  1.  Choose the type of content you want to upload. Your options are :
  • Text Only – This can be an informational post for example
  • Photo Only – A sexy photo or a full gallery of photos
  • Video Only – Self explanatory
  • Video and Photos – When you have a photo-set that matches your video
  1.  Upload your content directly from your computer or phone, or use the FTP feature. When using the FTP your uploaded videos will appear in the FTP zone once they are fully uploaded and encoded. You can add them to your new content by navigating to FTP zone and simply choosing the files. The system auto-saves your progress.
  1.  Fill out all your content options before scheduling for release.
  • Title – Make sure it’s a catchy title that peaks interest.
  • Text – Optional but a good description could bring more engagement.
  • License typeVery important. Explained above under License Types or when clicking the ? symbol for more details on Sheer next to this option in the New content form.
  • Sell via – The options here are fully explained when clicking the ? symbol next to this option in the New content form.


  • SFW vs NSFW – When choosing Free content, you will be given the additional options of Safe for Work and Not Safe for Work. It’s in your best interest to add some SFW content so that the unregistered users in the Free tour can get a taste of your work and be enticed to subscribe to you for the full experience. This content can be sexy but the maximum nudity allowed is topless.
  • Tags – Select the best representation of your content from our list of Tags. These are very important if you want fans to discover your content.

    IMPORTANT : If you ar uploading Anime/Hentai, Cartoons or Video games, you should ONLY use the tags in the categories : HENTAI/ANIME and VIDEO GAMES. We have a smart system that recognizes the lack of real models and wont ask for them. If you choose any other tags, you will be prompted to add real models to your content.

  • Models – This is Mandatory and you must include every model featured in your content. If a model does not appear in the select models input field when typing the name, it means they are not yet in our system. Simply choose Suggest new model and enter the information requested. Once they are added into the system they will appear in the select models field when you type their names.
  • Release – When your content is ready, you can choose a release option or even add it to your vault for future use so that you can sell the content via paid chat.

Extra Options

  • Pin – A pinned post will be displayed at the very top of your profile. Any previously pinned post will no longer be displayed there.
  • Allow previews – Here you can choose to enable or disable previews for specific content. Not allowing previews will prevent the content from having a thumbnail and video preview for non-members/buyers. It is essentially used to not show what the content is before it is purchased.
  • GEO restrictions – This allows you to block viewing of the content from specific GEO’s.
  • Production cost – Here you can add your Production costs for your scene. It is an advanced feature used when collaborating with another creator. It enables a column for ROI to track any returns or losses on the scene which could be useful to gauge the effectiveness of your collaboration.
  • Collab – This is used to initiate a collaboration with another creator. Clicking here will enable you to choose the Sheer Creator you are collaborating with.


There are a few more steps to make sure that your content is ready for release and selling on the Network, or adding to your vault for future sales. These are mandatory steps.


Once your video is finished encoding you will have a tab that allows you to select the type of Video.

Your options are : Full video, Trailer, or BTS (Behind the scene also known as Backstage).

Depending on the kind of content you have uploaded, you may also see your photos, additional videos for category tagging, and or thumbnails.


After encoding you will see the thumbnails tab appear. The thumbnail is the main still video image that fans will see when they come across your profile or studio on the network.

You can select multiple thumbnails. The system will cast them and find the one which is clicked the most and keep that as your main video image.

If you prefer a specific thumbnail and want to bypass the casting system choose set as main thumb You can unselect and change the main thumb at any time.

There is also a feature to reset or regenerate thumbs in the case that your thumbs are not displayed properly.

Subtitles ( Optional )

Sheer Supports subtitle file uploads for your videos. To add them, make sure you have the supported file types, click the subtitles button under your video and follow the instructions in the pop-up window.


SubRip (.srt) – Only basic versions of these files are supported. No style info (markup) is recognized. The file must be in plain UTF-8.

SubViewer (.sbv or .sub) – Only basic versions of these files are supported. No style info (markup) is recognized. The file must be in plain UTF-8.

WebVTT (.vtt) – In initial implementation. Positioning is supported, but styling is limited to <b>, <i>, <u> since CSS class names are not yet standardized

Additional subtitle information can be found by clicking More details on the pop-up.


Now that your content is all set, let’s go over the options you have for release and your final steps in content preparation.

  • Do not release yet – Your content will move to the Awaiting release tab until you’re ready to release it.
  • Release as soon as possible – Typically within 24hrs.
  • Store in Vault – The content is not published but kept in your personal Vault for selling via Paid chat.
  • Calendar – You can select your preferred date for release using the calendar feature.
  • Move to trash – This option allows you to delete the content. The content will be removed from the sites, but still accessible in your admin when clicking the Trash symbol on your dashboard. It is stored for 365 days and can be restored within that time-frame.

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