• Membership – Provides a customer access to all the content in your membership offer for a monthly fee.
  • PPC – This is Pay-Per-Content, also known as Direct purchase or PPV.This content can be purchased for a flat fee and kept indefinitely. The price depends on you, but it’s important to keep the price competitive with your other offers on the net to be fair with your fans.
  • Premium – This content will be available to a large, already existing paying subscriber base, along with other creators’ content. This should only be a sample of what you offer in your full membership. We recommend no more than 30-50% of the content in your membership offer.
    Premium share is 50% of the sales revenue for Premium creators, split by the amount of Studios a particular member views during their membership.
  • Free – content is available for free on only to paying users, and on the network, only on websites that are based on a free model (“tubes”). Free content outside of Sheer generates ad revenue for you, if not too short (10 minutes+).

Free content is an extra bonus for your paying subscribers + if it qualifies for adshare revenue, on the tubes it can be nice additional income to your Premium sales.



  • If you just joined Sheer, avoid releasing a low amount of non-exclusive content, even if just to test the waters. You will get rejected right away by many users for having too little to offer and other disadvantages.
  • If you have a lot of content, you can use the FTP or even an API and other methods. Ask our support for help.
  • Try to release content regularly rather than in bursts. You can use the calendar to program future updates.
  • Paid content revenue share is 80% when purchased from your Sheer profile and 50% when purchased from a Network site. So it is a good idea to promote your Sheer profile to maximize your earnings.

    IMPORTANT Previews of your content via Trailers are currently shown together with your Paid views. Once a Preview converts to a Paid view, you will see the revenue added to your content as well as the expandable views/revenue chart located in the earned column just to the right of your content on the Dashboard.

Free content

  • Its main purpose is to develop your brand by getting as many eyes on you as possible. Sheer can open the doors to some of the most visited sites in the world.

  • Your goal with free content is to accumulate free views and free subscribers.

  • It can generate ad money too but what you can make with pay content should always be far more. If you are not making significantly more with pay content, you are doing something wrong.

  • Your free content serves to promote your pay content.

  • Make sure to do free updates regularly even if you are in the adult business.

  • Use your free content to show your personality, creativity and uniqueness to your audience.

  • What you write in your titles and descriptions, or say in your videos, is important to distinguish yourself. The right words can add a lot of value to your content.

  • Don’t just do video updates : you can do photo-only or text-only.

  • Consistency is important : upload regularly rather than in batches. You can schedule updates if needed.

  • Short videos and trailers are part of an upcoming system similar to Youtube “Shorts” or Tiktoks. You should therefore avoid using lengthy introductions and make them immediately catchy, if possible.


  • Usually prefer to have an affordable membership (less than $10 or even $5) with a decent amount of content to tempt customers.

  • If you want to sell an expensive membership ($20+) you will need to feed it quality content over a long period of time.

  • If you have too little content, no one will want to buy your membership.

  • If your main business relies on PPC, you should still have a membership to attract customers who are not immediately interested in PPC.

  • Membership earnings take time to accumulate and depend on the retention (average membership duration). You will not earn much in the beginning.

  • If you don’t update regularly your retention will plummet.

  • Use the option to hide previews for some of your membership content to keep a bit of mystery (edit > extra options).

  • If your membership is not competitive (= you have better offers on other sites), it will be removed from the network.

  • However if it is competitive with other offers, you will gain a bonus.

PPC ( Also known as PPV or Direct Purchase )

  • Have all your content available as direct purchase.

  • Avoid pricing direct purchases too low (<$5). PPC is made for people who are comfortable financially. You need too many of them if your prices are too low.

  • If you have a membership you want to NOT have all your content in it. Keep some for PPC or else you will not be able to get extra money from your wealthier customers.

  • If you have very special PPCs you may prefer to hide the preview (edit > extra options).


  • You must have 5+ premium videos to be suggested in the premium area.

  • It is always a mistake to not have some content in the premium because there are hundreds of thousands of paying users there who can also buy your membership and PPV. In many cases your premium content will outperform your membership and PPV in terms of income.

  • Be careful to not have too much content sold via premium as it is a very attractive deal for customers. You want to maintain the value of your other offers.

  • Your membership (if you have one) should have a fair amount of content that is not in the premium (at least double the amount).

  • It can be a valid strategy to focus more heavily on the premium in some cases (if you are particularly popular there).

  • Do not place only your lower quality content in the premium because it can give a bad image of your work.

Our Team will work to promote you while your audience grows, helping you make money from day 1!

With memberships, ppv, premium video, adshare and custom content options, you can choose how you want to sell your brand with the confidence that it won’t be taken down for being too sexy!

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