The center point of your account providing you with a snapshot of your progress on Sheer

Earnings – Clicking the magnifier icon next to earnings will launch a pop-up graph providing you with a an overall view of your accrued revenue for the various monetization types.

Projected additional earnings

This is additional income, on top of what you already earned, that your content is expected to generate within the next 3 years.
You will continue to earn more after that period, indefinitely, and even more so if you upload content consistantly.


The revenue you have already received is shown here.


This is your current unpaid earnings.


Here you will see the all-time revenue earned on your memberships + the current number of membership subscriptions.


The total of posts is content that is included and available to your members.“PPC” indicates content that is NOT included in the membership but that they can purchase as extra (from your store tab).


Click the copy icon to get your referral link. Use this link to refer other content creators and earn a percentage of the revenue when they make sales.
The percentage you make does not come from their revenue cut.
You will see the revenue you earned from other creators here as well by clicking the magnifyer next to creators.
More details are in the terms linked on Sheer.

News and Updates

When we have some important information or updates we want you to know about, this will be shown in a collapsable field just above your dashboard view.

Dashboard Content Tabs 


This is your default view and shows all the videos you have released. Title, license type, age, price, views, how much you earned, projection, and release date are all shown. To the far right you also have a small drop down menu that allows you to edit, watch, or delete the content.

Awaiting release

Here you will see the videos that either don’t have a publication date set yet, or are simply awaiting the release date.
At this point you can still make edits to the content, setting, or information, as long as it has not been released yet.
If you need to adjust something like the license type for example after release, please contact support.


Content found in this tab is missing something required for publication. That could be the content itself, models, or some other missing information that will be displayed in the incomplete tab, so that you can correct it.


Here you will find content that was automatically imported from any connected Network sites. Be sure to read any remarks and information about the content listed on this page. It typically needs to be reviewed by you to make sure the information is correct, and that the content follows the Sheer rules for content publication noted in the Terms & Conditions under license types.

Vault Icon
In the vault you will find any content you designated as vault content. Clicking here will display that content for you with options for editing and deleting.
Search Icon
The Search field will open up a separate search page where you can search content by title or keywords from your titles.
Trash Icon
This opens up a separate page showing all the content you have deleted. Content can be restored if deleted by accident. However you should NEVER restore content deleted by Sheer. It was deleted for a reason. Restoring this content may lead to suspension of your account.

The videos are stored here for 1 year before permanently deleted. It’s important to note that deleting on Sheer, also deletes the content on Network sites and some of those sites permanently delete after 30 days.

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